🔙 BACK IN STOCK! Neoprene Wetsuits

🔙 BACK IN STOCK! Neoprene Wetsuits

Our neoprene triathlon wetsuits are back in stock. They address swimmers of all levels and provide buoyancy & flexibility where it is needed for an unrivalled open water experience. 

4 models exist in men & women version and are entirely made in Yamamoto neoprene: 

- the Atlante, our entry-level wetsuit at 325€ with an excellent value-for-money ratio for beginner triathletes and swimmers. The 2021 version features a regular zipper at the back, from bottom to top, enabling more autonomy on open water training sessions. 

- the Neptune, the perfect mix between flexibility & buoyancy for good swimmers looking for a natural swim

- the Vanguard, which provides an even greater buoyancy thanks to the Aerodome technology positionned on the hips down to the knees. It also guarantees great flexibility with Yamamoto #39 neoprene on the arms and shoulders.

- the Proflex, the ultimate weapon for triathletes and swimmers, which concentrates the very best of our technologies. It provides an unprecedented flexibility around the arms with a 0.5mm thickness on the arms & shoulders in Yamamoto #40. The Aerodome technology placed on the chest, hips and quads allows for an amazing buoyancy. This wetsuit is also available for women with a new 2021 model. 


A sleeveless model - the Ocean - will satisfy swimmers looking for the most natural swim experience but also triathletes swimming in warm waters! 

This wetsuit is also available for kids with a unisex version from 8 to 14 years old.



Find all our videos on each wetsuit on our YouTube Channel.

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