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New in for 2021!


The Swimrun Pull-buoy Extra Boost will considerably improve your buoyancy and compensate the sinking of your feet because of the sneakers. Together with our Swimrun Float Tubes, this pull-buoy will help you stay flat on the water surface enabling you to focus only on your arm strokes. It addresses beginner swimrunners looking for maximum buoyancy.


It integrates holes and elastic bands so that it stays in place along the race between your legs during the swim sections and on the side of your thigh during the running sections. Another thinner elastic with a carabiner allows you to hang it on your belt to secure its position.


Discover also our Swimrun pull-buoy Boost of reduced size compared to the Extra Boost one addressing swimrunners of a better level who do not need that much buoyancy. 



  • comfort: extra-soft touch and rounded edges to avoid skin irritations
  • durability: ultra resistant high density 100% recyclable EVA for an intensive use
  • buoyancy: a smart design for a good buoyancy suited to short and long distance
  • design: specially made for swimrunners allowing them to quickly switch position on transitions
  • dimensions : L*l*h = 31.5cm*12.5cm*20cm
  • weight: 233g