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Our SWIMRUN range offers a whole equipment dedicated to this new sport! Inspired by the high-end ELITE version, the START offers an amazing value-for-money ratio! This wetsuit adddresses swimrunners of all levels, for any race distance! Its pockets are easy to reach and allow you to store your essentials for training or racing.

This wetsuit provides a good level of buoyancy thanks to the Z3R0D Flex neoprene. The jersey panels placed under the arms, at the crotch and behind the legs ensure great comfort for the running sections.



- 2 pockets on the front panel (inside the top of the wetsuit) => store all your essentials

- back "partner pocket" => allow your team mate to have access to his supplies

- low collar with velcro & front zipper with a whistle => take the top of the wetsuit off at your ease on the running sections


Neoprene thicknesses:

- arms and shoulders: 1.5mm jersey

- torso and thighs: 2.5mm Z3R0D Flex

- back of the legs: 1.5mm jersey

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