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The Z3R0D triathlon socks come as three odd socks: one that you keep on your right foot - featuring the hashtag #hard behind your calf and two others that you can wear alternatively depending on the occasion, whether you are racing or training, featuring #race or #train behind the calf. Adjust your gear to your triathlon experience!


Overheating and blisters are a triathlete’s worst enemy during the race! ZEROD created these technical socks to put you in the best position to complete the bike part without these problems. The Cloud Comfort technology features a thicker panel with a cushioning system covering your mid-foot and toes to give you the protection you need and support your pedalling. A highly breathable and fitted zone around your ankle that comes up on your shin and top of your foot is made in an ultra light fabric. Our Arch Support maintains the arch of your foot while your heel is also reinforced. 



- Anatomic Shape: specific left/right design for a better fit

- Anti-moisture management

- High upper (mid-calf)

- Composition: 67% polyamide/ 31% polypropylene / 2% elastane

- Made in Italy

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