New Arrivals Z3R0D 2022

New generation of Z3R0D neoprene wetsuits

Since the creation of the Z3R0D brand in 2007 and the launch of its first wetsuit collection in 2012, the full renewal of this range is unprecedented. Over the past 10 years, we have been continuously bringing innovations to these products to offer triathletes wetsuits that meet their requirements and performances. We thus arrive in 2022 with a new range, thoroughly redesigned and built upon 10 years of experience around the most cutting-edge materials and technologies of the market and customer feedbacks (from both amateur and professional triathletes). All our wetsuits are entirely made in Yamamoto neoprene.

User analysis

Our design and development team has been working hard over the past 10 years to continuously bring innovations to the wetsuits we offer to triathletes, wetsuits that meet their requirements and performance goals. For 2022, we adopted a new mindset, started from scratch and totally reconsidered how a wetsuit can be designed to optimize its use. Our R&D engineers have partnered with amateur and pro triathletes to gather thousands of feedbacks from countless hours of testing, training and competing in wetsuits. They have closely worked together to identify the essential criteria for the ideal wetsuits, based on the triathletes essential needs. This privileged relationship and our proximity to triathletes are firmly anchored in our core values. The concept behind the creation of the range consists of the identification of triathlete clusters or families, having different needs, depending on their practice level and water skills. These triathletes will thus need wetsuits that perfectly suit their needs. 3 different wetsuit families result from this. Each family consists of 2 wetsuits: an entry-level one and a high-end one which characteristics take the technicity and performance of the latter to a further extent.
archi 325€ archi max 625€

wetsuits archi

The ARCHI family is designed for triathletes looking for buoyancy mostly. These wetsuits address beginner swimmers who want to improve their position on the water surface or triathletes with high density quadriceps who want to compensate this and maintain an aligned position. They will provide significant help so that the athlete does not need to make further effort on his hips and kick to only concentrate on the stroke!
flex 395€ flex max 695€

wetsuits flex

The FLEX family is designed for triathletes looking for flexibility mostly. These wetsuits address good level swimmers who want an optimized freedom of motion around the arms and on the upper part of the body. They will thus get the same feeling as the one they experience when swimming without a wetsuit on. They will benefit from a very natural stroke thanks to the great elasticity of the jersey placed on the underarms, chest and lats. The second-skin feeling will be much appreciated.
fuzion 545€ fuzion max 895€

wetsuits fuzion

The FUZION family is designed for triathletes who do not want to compromise either on flexibility or buoyancy. These wetsuits combine both criteria in powerful and versatile products which leave nothing to chance. They are dedicated to performance and gather Z3R0D most advanced exclusive technologies. They will provide unrivalled feelings for an unprecedented wetsuit swim experience.